Bali Safari Marine Park

bali safari and marine park
bali safari and marine park
bali safari and marine park

Bali Safari Marine Park is a place for education, adventure, and fun. It is a house for many amazing animals. More than 100 species you can see in Bali Safari and Marine Park. You can also be the victim of the grandchild of dinosaurs, Comodo Dragon. Here you can also see awesome animals likes Orang Utan and Bali Minah Bird. This 40 hectares amazing safari park is located in Gianyar, Bali.

This amazing Bali Safari Marine Park is designed for your family holiday. You can enjoy tasting the feeling of wildness. Moreover, you can also bring your child to learn about animals and their life. This destination also offers you fun things to be enjoyed with the best people around you. There are many tour package you can try in Bali Safari Marine Park. Each package has its own sensation and feeling.

Jungle Hopper.

The first and the most famous one is Jungle Hopper. You will experience the sensation of exploring the jungle. You will be brought using a bus to see all the animals in this Safari Park. You will taste the feeling of standing through the wild world. Here you can see Tiger, Lion, Zebra, Elephant, and many more. Of course, your kids will be happy to see directly all those wild animals.

Elephant Back Safari

This safari package offers you an experience to ride an Elephant. You will be guided by a professional Elephant trainer. Safety and comfortable is the first priority of this tour package. The main sensation is you will be surrounded by Wildebeests, Zebras, and Rhinoceros. It will be amazing since those animals are identic to Africa. Only in Bali Safari and Marine Park you can feel the sensation of exploring Africa in Bali.


Night Safari

The more challenging tour package you should try is Night Safari. The sensation will totally different. It will be a little bit scary for you but don’t be worried, of course, anything is under control here. In the dark of night, you will be brought through a specially designed cage. Guess what you will see? You will see lions and tigers around you. They will so close to you and only separated by the cage. So, it is challenging yourself? Or maybe you are so curious? Come to this Safari Park to prove it and fulfill your curiosity.

Breakfast with Lions

Did you ever imagine that someday you will have a breakfast with lions?. If you never did it before, you can do it now and even taste it. This is not a fake nonsense fiction but in Bali Safari Marine Park you can feel that sensation. Tsavo Lion Restaurant is the first restaurant which offers the sensation of breakfast with lions. You will enjoy your cuisine there while witnessing the wildlife of lions. Don’t be afraid if you will be the lions’ breakfast, of course, anything is secure here.

4 x 4 Safari Package

Maybe some people think that being intimate with wild animals is only in science fiction movies. But if you want to make it come true, Bali Safari Marine Park has it all for you. This safari tour package offers you to keep close with wild animals. You can take pictures with them and even feed them. Of course, you will not be alone there. the professional guide will bring you to this amazing experience.

Bali Agung Show

For the refreshment of being close to the wild world, Bali Safari Marine Park also offers Bali Agung Show. It is a dancing show with the combination of traditional and modern arts. You will be entertained with more than 150 Balinese dancers and musicians.

Well, if you want to visit this Amazing safari park, Wandernesia will be so happy to accompany you. We offer you some package of enjoyments.

For Jungle hopper package you only have to pay $50 for adult and $40 for kids. You will also get facilities such as safari journey (1x), animal and elephant show, fun zone, (1x), waterpark, freshwater aquarium, and Bali Agung show (silver seat)

For elephant back safari, the price is only $82 for adult and $66 for a child. You will also unlimited safari journey, unlimited fun zone, animal elephant show, waterpark, freshwater aquarium, welcome drink, express line, photos with animal, elephant back safari, and souvenirs.

Wandernesia also offers another tour package such as Rhino Package, Leopard Package, and Night Safari. If you want further detail information you may visit . Wandernesia will be happy to be the part of your wild adventure.